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Our Governance

Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council Policies:

Board of Community Health Councils in Wales:

Welsh Language Scheme

Welsh Language Standards 29.05.19

“The Welsh Language Standards were created because of a measure passed by the Welsh Assembly in 2011, the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure.

The purpose of Welsh Language Standards is to:

  • “ensure clarity to organisations in relation to the Welsh language
  • ensure clarity to Welsh speakers on what services they can expect to receive in Welsh
  • ensure greater consistency in Welsh language services and improve quality to users”

Every public services organisation in Wales has to comply with language duties.  From 30 May 2019 the Board of CHCs and CHCs in Wales must follow the Welsh Language Standards that apply to them.  You can find out more (including what standards have been applied) at the Welsh Language Commissioner’s website: Welsh Language Commissioner